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ManufacturerModelYearMachine IDType MachineControlConditionU / PShortSpecsPhotosList
AmadaHA-250 W200815111SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL Very GoodYes10" x 10" Square Capacity, 10" Round Cap., 1" x .037" x 138" Blade, 3 HP, Auto Feed w/Roller Conveyor, Fully Hydraulic, Variable Blade Speed, Coolant PumpYes2008 Amada HA-250 W
BehringerHBP-360A199816081SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL Good  Yes1998 Behringer HBP-360A
BehringerHBP-530A199914635SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL Very GoodYes Yes1999 Behringer HBP-530A
BehringerHBP-650 A199714974SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTALBehringer BT-20GoodYes Yes1997 Behringer HBP-650 A Behringer BT-20
BirlikALF-360 Carbider NC200814273SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTALBirlikExcellentYesRectangle (90°) 14" X 15", Round (90°) 14", Work Height 22", Blade Size 1 1/4" x .042" x 197", Blade Speed 65 - 292 SFM, Drive Motor / Hydraulic Motor / Coolant 6.3 / 3/4 / 1/8 HP, Bundle Cutting (90°) 14", Flood Coolant System, Adjustable Blade Speed, Hold Down Fixture, Hydraulic Material Clamping, Electronic Cutting Speed Adjustment, Carbide Bandsaw, Hydraulic Blade Tension, Motorized Blade Chip Brush, Broken Blade Indicator, Sensitive Down Speed Adjustment, Rolling Material Feeding System, Bundle Cutting, Chip AugerYes2008 Birlik ALF-360 Carbider NC Birlik
Hyd-MechS-20A200215896SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL GoodNo13" x 18" Capacity, 13" Round, 5 HP, Miter, Coolant Tank and Pump, Variable Vise Pressure, Positive Downfeed, Powered Blade Brush, Out of Stock Limit Switch, PLC Control, More....Yes2002 Hyd-Mech S-20A